About Us

The little Phoenix taxi cab company that does

We started our company in 2009 with a tiny taxi cab fleet of ten Toyota Prius vehicles and very big ideas for creating positive change in our community! Since then, we’ve grown to a fleet of over 40 vehicles, we have established multiple partnerships and with the help of our customers we have donated over $80,000 to local organizations.

Being the first eco-friendly taxi cab company in Phoenix, we made hybrid vehicles the new taxi cab standard. We continue to lead the competition by remaining the most progressive and eco-friendly transportation company in Arizona.

Going green isn’t something we do — it’s something we are

Our intention is to take the trendy out of ‘going green’ and deliver a service that allows consumers to be green just by participating, and provide them with an exceptional taxi cab experience every time they do.

Unlike other taxi cab companies, we are fully committed to eliminating our carbon footprint. Instead of using environmentally harmful, gas-guzzling vehicles, Clean Air Cab uses a 100% Toyota hybrid taxi cab fleet. In addition to the substantial reduction of carbon emissions and improved mileage offered by the Toyota Prius, we purchase carbon offset credits and support reforestation by subsidizing the planting of trees.

Going beyond Hybrid cabs

Most taxi cab companies are making the shift to Hybrid vehicles, and although it is a positive and much needed shift for the betterment of our environment, using hybrids is not enough.

Taxi cabs tend to be on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This constant use means that these vehicles require continuous maintenance, which can result in all sorts of negative waste if not managed properly.

We are unique in the way we recondition our hybrid vehicle batteries in house, then we send any unusable parts back to Toyota Motor Company for recycling and repurposing. The result is a 90% recyclable Hybrid program.